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My Personal Trainer

For a long time, I’ve wanted to invest in a personal trainer.  I’ve always understood the importance of investing in yourself and your betterment, but I couldn’t seem to make personal training a priority.

…until now.

In a recent interview with Tony Robbins in Success Magazine, he emphasized the importance of having an abundance of energy.  It really struck a chord with me. You always hear about the importance of having health in the wealth-growing world.

The truth is, you just can’t enjoy the things you accomplish without having your health.  Tony Robbins laid this out in a way that resonated with me like never more. I’m at a point in life where not only am I looking to scale my businesses, but I have three kids to live for.  

Being a multi-business entrepreneur is hectic.  You need energy to do what you are doing, do it well, and do it RIGHT.  

I don’t want to burn myself out.

And at the end of the day, I may be putting so much into my business, but is it taking EVERYTHING I have? I want to still have enough energy at the end of a day to spend with my kids.  I want to be able to cook them dinner, and take them out to do things and enjoy life. I don’t want to just spend our time together at home, with them sucked into their devices. This isn’t the way I want to raise them.

To do that, I needed to better my health and raise my energy.

So I did it.  I committed. I finally invested in more than my businesses.  I invested in my self. I started to work with a personal trainer.

I chose this particular trainer because she came highly recommended and she had her own studio.  I felt like I needed something customized for my physical needs, and no distraction. These are things I felt I could not get out of a gym atmosphere.

My personal trainer put together a program specifically for me.  I know I’ve made the right choice because I’m reaping the benefits ten-fold.  I am being pushed to my limits, both physically and mentally.

Getting in shape isn’t just physical.  There is a mental challenge along the journey.  

Think about it.  Let’s say you are doing circuit training.  You get through that first set, and you just barely survived.  But…you know you still have two more sets.

Number 20 becomes massive.  Number 30 becomes massive. That mental challenge creeps in.  Will you keep going, or will you quit?

Physically training my body has taught me so much about my mind and about life.  I has really confirmed how important it is to break boundaries.

And I just don’t believe you can do that without the help of a personal trainer or a coach.  There is only so much you will allow yourself to endure, and only so far you will push yourself on your own.

Many of the sessions I have had with my trainer, I know I just wouldn’t accomplish without her pushing me through.  I’d only barely make it through half.

Adrian Nez

Personal Training has made my health journey a success.

That sense of accountability, sense of pride, that you just can’t stop, has made me a firm believer in needing a coach, someone to push you just a bit farther than you would push yourself.

I also that working one on one has been a big part of my success.  She knows my needs, and also my limitations. She has been able to structure an overall plan that I CAN succeed at.  She knows exactly WHEN to push.

During the first couple of weeks of my training sessions, she just gauged where I was at.  Now she is doing things to break my barriers. It has been really awesome to see how far I can go, and I feel like I’m getting stronger, both physically and mentally.

It’s been important having someone observe from the outside, to help me get to where I need to be physically.  

We become so biased towards ourselves. Left to our own devices, we are sometimes deceived into not knowing what our limitations are or even believing we have limitations we don’t.  

When you have someone next to you, fresh, looking in from the outside, they’re going to be able to see things you don’t.  And they are going to be honest about those things. This can sometimes be painful, but it can also be amazingly healing.

I’ve been doing things I didn’t think I could do physically, because I had someone by my side, reminding me that I CAN do them.  

She’s definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone, and I wouldn’t be completing half the workouts I have without a trainer by my side.

Are you stuck in your comfort zone in an area in your life?   

Get a personal trainer. Get a coach. Get a mentor. Whether it be business, physical health, or spirituality, you WILL see a difference.  


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